There are various principle currents of dalit intellectual history and ideology from the early 19th through the late 21st Centuries. Dalit ideologies have from time to time tried to cover all the themes of nationalism, integration of the society, dalit women�s rights, civil and political rights and so on. Early dalit assertions were started with intense opposition against caste system and overwhelming emphasis on the notion of �self-respect�. Buddhism, Jainism, Philosophy of Charvakas and local popular tales and traits were promoted as a replacement of caste ridden religions.

Dr. Ambedkar was the first dalit to have exposure to western democratic theories and keenly observed the socio-political movements happening all over the world. He rigorously produced volumes of books on issues like caste, nation, formation of linguistic states, communal representation, Marxism, civil and labour rights, Hindu Code Bill etc. Ambedkar�s role as a chief architect of the Indian constitution is a landmark in the dalit intellectualship. Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, and various democratic injunctions on labour and women and finally Protective Discrimination are the brain children of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Ambedkar�s legacy in the areas of political theory and political rights is incomparable. Dalit Panther Movement of 1970s can be considered as a second phase of the Dalit movement which sowed seeds for the Dalit identity politics of early 1990s. They have produced enormous literature in vernaculars. Attempts have been made to decipher Dalit epistemology and resistance from these volumes of literature. The so called �globalization from below� has occupied a prominent if not central role in giving voice to the dalit politics. At this crucial juncture, Dr. Ambedkar Studies Centre of MGNIRSA has scrupulously taken up the task of promoting Dalit Studies as a special discipline in Social Sciences.


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