MGNIRSA provides the necessary infrastructure, services and resources for students who come for their research work/project work. MGNIRSA providing best facilities make learning and working more convenient, cheaper and safer for everyone. It has fully equipped library, Seminar Hall, Biotechnology Lab, Microbiology Lab and Compute Centre available. Biotechnology Lab and Microbiology Lab are the core facilities that provide basic and applied research expertise to support scholars in academic institutions and industry.  

Biotechnology Lab

The Biotechnology lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to carry out research and laboratory courses for students. Each and every student enrolled in biotechnology for PhD, academic course or training programmes are expected to undergo extensive hands on training. The lab equipped with Centrifuge ( Table top and Refrigerated ), Laminar Air Flow, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer (-20'C), Autoclave, Microbalance, Ph meter, Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate, Cyclomixer, Double distillation unit, Microscope, Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Water bath...

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to study various aspects of microbiology. It is equipped with modern microscopes and is designed to grow, identify and enumerate microorganisms. This lab is equipped with Biosafety hoods to safely study pathogenic microbes and work with tissue cultures. It also has advanced microscopes for viewing fluorescence and tissue culture samples, and modern equipment used in medical diagnostics....

Computer Center

The Rajiv Gandhi International School of Information Technology (RGISIT) at MGNIRSA maintains Computer Center. Computer Centre is a facility provided for all registered students, faculty and staff at MGNIRSA. The lab is open 8 hours, Monday to Saturday during the year. MGNIRSA has the best Computer Center with the latest computing facilities and high speed internet connectivity. Computer Center has approximately 25 work stations, 5 printers with internet facility in all the systems.


Library is open for eight hours a day and accommodates a large number of students in it. A good collection of Books/Monographs, manuscripts, journals, bulletins, post graduate and PhD theses, reports and other reference materials is available for the students. The library subscribe to both national and regional newspapers and magazines and journals for the benefit of students. The library has more than 500 books on computer Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology and on environmental Studies and Rural Studies etc. A library is a necessity in one's academic life, and the library at MGNIRSA providing a great environment to research.

Seminar Hall

MGNIRSA has Seminar Hall suitable for national and international seminars, conferences and presentations. The Seminar Hall is fully media equipped and supported by LCD services. The accommodation capacity of the Seminar Hall is around 100 seats. The Hall is fully air-conditioned and can host delegate's conferences.

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