"Environment" which is actually a complex of several inter-related factors like soil, water, air, energy and shelter and is being much dynamic (i.e. varying with time and space),need to be understood with an integrated approach. Every biological activity occurs with in the environment and produces an impact either positively or otherwise on the environment. It may be true that the development process may be associated with environmental degradation, but it should not mean that the development must be stopped.

There is greater realisation now to look at ecology and development in an integrated manner. Concepts of integrated and sustainable development have thus gained importance. In this context, environmental management becomes vital. Since environmental aspects have many angles of approach, it is truly an interdisciplinary subject.

Sustainable development relates to the use and management of our natural resources including water, land, and air, to improve our comforts and living standards today without sacrificing the well-being of our future generations. In our daily lives, sustainable development means having pure water; clean air and safe food to-day as well as tomorrow. For the planet Earth, environmental issue is nothing less than survival. It is now widely acknowledged that, to prevent continued environmental degradation and the decline of human society, interactions between man and the environment have to be sustainable. Sustainability depends on the delicate balance between the use and the conservation of our environmental resources. The challenge to sustainable development, then, is to stimulate further expansion of living standards worldwide while minimising and counteracting the negative impacts on the environment.

To contribute towards the environmental management, education, research and training the Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action (MGNIRSA), Hyderabad has established the School of Environmental Studies (SES).


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Hon. Professor

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