Today, genomics is the starting point for a new level of exploration across the life sciences. Rapid progress in genome science and a glimpse into its potential applications have spurred observers to predict that biology will be the foremost science of the 21st Century.

Technology and resources generated by the Human Genome Project and other genomic research already are having major impacts across the life sciences. The biotechnology industry employed millions of people and revenues have almost crossed trillions of dollars. To realize the potential of the genome projects, with far-ranging applications to such diverse fields as medicine, energy, and the environment, we must obtain this new level of knowledge.

One of the greatest impacts of having whole genome sequences and powerful new genomic technologies may be an entirely new approach to conducting biological research. In the past, researchers studied one or a few genes or proteins at a time. Because biological processes are intertwined, these strategies provided incomplete and often inaccurate views. Researchers now can approach questions systematically and on a much grander scale. They can study all the genes expressed in a particular environment or all the gene products in a specific tissue, organ, or tumor. Other analyses will focus on how tens of thousands of genes and proteins work together in interconnected networks to orchestrate the chemistry of life.

Genetic Disorders have become a major important public health issue. Many of the Genetic Disorders are not amenable for treatment. There is a need to undertake indepth studies to understand the molecular mechanism to facilitate the treatment of these disorders by gene therapy. Now we are able to treat very few disorders and precisely diagnose and prevent many of these disorders by offering prenatal testing and genetic counseling. The school will undertake the research in this direction.




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Seminars / Conferences Conducted :
National Seminar on "Genome Analysis in the Post-Genomic era and its Relevance to Society" 26th - 28th October, 2007
National Seminar on "Recent Advances in Development of Biomarkers for Cancer Prognosis and Treatment", 22nd - 24th January, 2010

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