Local and regional approaches, while thinking nationally and globally as well, are equally important and relevant in the development process. In this approach for rural advancement, social action effort backed by institutional support involving socially committed, dedicated and innovative scientists, technologists, and social scientists will be more effective and fruitful. With this objective in view, the Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action (MGNIRSA) has set up the School of Rural Advancement (SRA).

Majority of Indians still live in villages and their livelihood is intricately linked to agriculture and related activities. The disturbing trend of poverty, low levels of health, literacy, ecological degradation, distress migration, still characterize rural India as much as was prevalent five decades ago.

Crucial concepts or themes in Rural Development evolved over the years in India revolve around poverty, economic growth, production, employment generation, peoples participation, equity, social justice, decentralization, governance, social movements, institution building, service delivery for drinking water, health, education, rural industries, resource mobilization and management and sustainable use of land, forest and water.

Multi-disciplinary research and applications for sustainable rural development should receive adequate focus.

These aspects will be focused while offering academic programmers and undertaking research. More importantly, the School has to learn from action research and associate itself with the practical process of rural development.


Prof. A. Gopala Menon

Prof. O.N.Srivastava

Prof. S.K.Bhanja
Hon. Professor


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